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Roof & Chimney Repair "Be careful with cheap quotes!"

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

ATTENTION!!! PLEASE.... when you get a price off contractors DO NOT just base your final go ahead purley on price. Take time to do re-search and have a solid look through your breakdown you will be given with your quote. If they do not supply you with a breakdown how do you know what you are getting for you money? Word of mouth? Because you trust them? NO

This specific job, we have been given is through a recommendation. But even then, they are not always enough, because I´m sure this builder was through a recommendation somewhere along the line. DO YOUR RESEARCH.

No doubt our company is more expensive than some, but isnt paying once better than having to pay twice, and knowing your job is in safe hands? We are only as good as our last job and we wouldn´t do anything to ruin our reputation we have so proudly established.

A roofing trough or valley trough is designed to take water and run it away to your desired outlet. This Roofer/builder not sure, has actually foamed his up not allowing the water to pass through it. Where the Hip rafter meets the Ridge beam and they have pointed speaks for itself on the picture. If someone thinks they can get away with this type of work then they do not deserve to be trading. The whole chimney was left unsupported above a living room and the only reason it hasn't finally fell is because the homeowners didn´t leave it long enough before getting us to come and give our advise on whats needs to happen.

A lot more work went into this job than we anticipated. The chimneys back up and running for the next door neighbour and the lead work is done properly this time. No more leaks. We do take pride in what we do, we just hope others can see that also.

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